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Painful blisters. Body rashes. Maddening shingles. Unsightly cold sores. Weakness and fatigue. We all know how painful, annoying, and indeed embarrassing herpes can be.

And we also know, unfortunately, that we don't know when this seemingly indestructible virus is going to strike out at us. For example, we may be fighting off the common cold, stumbling over seasonal allergies, or innocently sunbathing on the beach, and out of nowhere we experience yet another recurrence of herpes.

For many of us, we see and feel the negative effects of the virus; our skin becomes red and agitated; unattractive blisters appear on our face and around our lips; and we feel generally unwell, overtired, and just plain bad.

HerpiVirin™ is an all-natural patented herbal supplement which protects cells against Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (a.k.a. HSV-1). Studies involving participants with active herpes rash showed that taking HerpiVirin™ may diminish the herpes rash within 3-5 days of usage.

And furthermore, the benefits using all-natural HerpiVirin™ to provide herpes relief go beyond pain and symptom management. As you probably know from personal experience, when you have an outbreak, it is typically at a time when you are under a lot of stress - you may be sleeping just a few hours a night, you may be really anxious about your job, or you might be warding off an oncoming cold. This stress not only weakens the body's natural defenses and causes the outbreak of the dormant Herpes Virus, but it can lead to increased irritability, over-sensitivity to light and environmental factors, and other adverse consequences. Clinical studies with HerpiVirin™ have shown to improve and normalize cognitive functioning.


Prescription medications for herpes are not only remarkably expensive, there is also usually the obligation that you must take the recommended dose exactly to the prescribed times, often 5 times a day, even during night hours.
HerpiVirin™, on the other hand, has been designed to be extremely convenient and cost effective - without sacrificing quality, efficacy, or safety. In fact, taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at night is sufficient for maximum benefit. Furthermore, when taking HerpiVirin™, the herpes recurrence rate may actually reduce over time! What makes our patented HerpiVirin™ unique, is that is is the only known substance that has demonstrated in in-vitro studies the ability to fight the herpes virus even during its dormant phase.

HerpiVirin™ contains the ancient herb Artemisia. The European version of the herb (which is the kind used in HerpiVirin™) has a similarly enduring legacy, and is referenced in almost all books of herbal medicine and even in the Bible.
The Chinese form of this herb, which the World Health Organization has dubbed the "new gold standard in malaria treatment", was actually referenced in Han Dynasty medical texts.

We are committed to helping people find relief from the pain and misery of cold sores, shingles and other types of herpes. And it is in light of this commitment that we responsibly note the following common-sense precautions:
- People suffering from Herpes zoster (shingles) should always consult with their medical doctor in the event of a severe attack - especially if the ears or eyes are involved. This is basic common sense advice and is not actually related to using HerpiVirin™.
- HerpiVirin™ is designed for Varicella Zoster Virus and for Herpes Type I. Unfortunately, people suffering from Herpes Type II (roughly two thirds of genital herpes sufferers) do not benefit, since Type II is a different form of the virus.
- The Artemisia absinthium in HerpiVirin™ has the effect of producing stomach acids that strengthen the digestive system. Therefore, some people suffering from chronic gastritis or stomach ulceration may feel discomfort in the stomach region after ingesting HerpiVirin™ (due to the increased production of stomach acids).
- Note in particular that you should always follow the instructions of your physician and in no case stop the medication already prescribed by him. HerpiVirin™ is a nutritional supplement and should be used as such.

Absolutely, we believe that HerpiVirin™ works; and this belief is based on actual scientific proof. Therefore, if after trying HerpiVirin™ you are not 100% satisfied, simply contact us within a full 60 days and we will refund your purchase price. No strings, no catches, no surprises.
Are You Ready to Live Herpes Free? Good! Then You are Ready for HerpiVirin™.
We are tempted to say that this is a "risk-free purchase and that you have nothing to lose". But that's not entirely true. Yes, the "risk free" part is true but you do have something to lose.

- You stand to lose the visible embarrassment of cold sores, rashes, and other skin conditions that arise from herpes.
- You stand to lose the weakness, anxiety, and lack of focus that often accompanies a herpes flare-up.
- You stand to lose the stress and depression that stares at you in the mirror as you shake your head at another cold sore.
Yes, you stand to lose all of these herpes-related ailments and symptoms, and in its place gain the freedom of living herpes free!
The patented HerpiVirin™ could be the long-awaited herpes relief that you have been searching for.

Each bottle contains 50 capsules, with each capsule containing an herbal blend of Artemisia absinthium, natural flavors, natural spices, and gum of mastic.

"I woke up with yet another outbreak on my upper lip--then within hours I had 2 sores on my lip - I asked to leave work to get HerpiVirin— and this one worked- I could not believe it-really! I was afraid to take a shower because the humidity flares up the herpes. Since the pills were working I went to NYC unshowered to keep what your pills had going! Then I woke up today and they are virtually flat - I will take more when I eat something but wanted to tell you--these in fact worked quicker than the Valtrex can!
Linda, CT"

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